Fabric Nightclub Closed Down

Tuesday 7th September was a sad day for dance music fans in London, the UK and across the world. As you all know, after years of confrontation with the authorities and with the recent deaths on it’s premises due to drug overdoses, the world-famous Fabric nightclub was closed down by Islington Council.

Now being a dance music fanatic, that sentence was hard for me to type…and the news hard for me to accept. In a recent post of mine, I mentioned how Fabric was a night out anyone who loves dance music, especially of the underground flavour, must experience. If dance music was a religion, then Fabric was it’s followers Mecca. It’s sacred ground, unlike no other, where emphasis was purely on the sound rather than anything else which most if not all other clubs concentrate upon.

Fabric was built around the sound ┬ásystem, literally. It has huge subwoofers in the dance floors which are so powerful that it feels like London is experiencing it’s first earthquake. This is what made it not only a Mecca for dance music fans, but also for it’s top DJ’s. Carl Cox, Skream, DJ Hazard… all have had such a love affair with the club over it’s years.

But alas… Fabric is no more. The local council and the police deemed it necessary to shut it down. On the surface the reason directly relates to the history of deaths of the club’s patrons…however, on deeper inspection this doesn’t seem to hold true. Now i’m not here to delve into this, but simply to pay my respects. But if you haven’t heard about the conspiracies behind this closure and ‘Project Lenor’, then i urge you to read this article from The Independent.

Now this isn’t the first time dance music and youth culture has clashed with the authorities, and it will certainly not be the last, but when will the governments both local and national realise that this kind of action will only have negative repercussions. Firstly, taking away this popular destination from the youth will only serve to make them feel even more disillusioned┬áthan they already are. For many Fabric and dance music as a whole is an escape. An escape from every day life which for some is a happy one, but for others it is not so, and for one night a week or a month or even a year, this person got to go to a place and experience something they arguably couldn’t experience anywhere else.

I myself am happy with my life, I have a great set of friends and family, I have a comfortable standard of living and I work hard for a top Bournemouth roofing company, as I mentioned on my about me page. But what Fabric and places like it offered me was a way to reward myself for said hard work. I could make the trip to London with pals and be in a place where I could listen to my favourite DJ’s like I had never listened to them before. This is what made Fabric great. Due to the environment and the sound acoustics, seeing and hearing your favourite DJ’s there simply could not be topped!

So it’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye and RIP to Fabric, in my opinion, simply THE best dance nightclub London, the UK and the world will ever be blessed to accommodate.