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Fabric Will Be Back!

So…in my last post, I talked about the saddening news that Fabric, a staple for UK dance music, was being closed down… But it was actually announced last month that the club will in fact re-ope, albeit under strict rules.

Firstly, I apologise that I haven’t posted in a while and this news was around last month… But I’ve been super busy moving into my new flat and my new town (Poundbury – about 40mins from my old place in Bournemouth). Special shoutout to my landscaper dorchester Coppard Developments for all their help with my new garden in my new place.

Anyway back to the great news about Fabric. Following a huge campaign to ‘save Fabric‘ and mounting public pressure, a court hearing saw Islington Council rightfully agree to give Fabric back it’s license, but under some strict new rules. These rules, detailed on a 155-page document, contained a total of 32 new conditions such as an over-19s door policy, lifetime bans for anyone caught asking for/selling drugs, ID scanners and improved CCTV scanning.

Flowers and note left on the entrance to Fabric following it's closure.
Flowers and note left on the entrance to Fabric following it’s closure.

This really shows the power of the people! The court appeal had 41 witness statements… but more powerful was the support found on social media from supporters (including 160,000+ petition signatures), support from international DJ’s and even from political figures such as Sadiq Khan and Emily Thornberry. A total of £320k was donated to the ‘Save Fabric’ campaign which just showed how much this club/movement meant to the youth in London and the rest of the country!

Well done to everyone who got involved with this campaign, how ever little or small, in the words of Fabric management: “You saved Fabric.”

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