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End of the Summer Festival Season…What To Do Now?

This weekend thousands of revellers have made the journey to the Isle of White by bus, car, train and of course ferry. This is because Rob Da Bank throws what is widely regarded by many ravers as one of the best festivals in the UK…aptly named Bestival. This also bookmarks the end of the festival season, leaving many scratching their head wondering what to do now?

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Invaderz Festival, Belgium

So as you can see the domain for this blog is Invaderz… now this isn’t a nod to the classic 80’s game space invaders (although this was a particular favourite of mine in my childhood), this is in fact inspired by one of my favourite dnb festivals in the world: Invaderz Festival.

Invaderz festival takes place in Gent, Belgium on November 10th and I will be making the trip over there for my 3rd time! I did tell you I was quite the fan! I first visited the festival back in 2013 when I was doing some inter-railing in Europe. Myself and a few friends met a group of awesome Belgians in our hostel in Amsterdam and after we started talking, despite our difference in nationality and language, we found common ground in our love for Drum and Bass! Yes, music really does bring people together! Our newly acquainted Belgian friends told us about Invaderz Festival and how they were planning on going there the next week, and if we didn’t have any plans that we should join them…so of course we couldn’t turn them down! We followed them to the one-day DnB extravaganza and we haven’t looked back since. In fact we met up with them again at the festival last year and are planning to do the same this time too! We like to make a trip of it each time, visiting other Belgian and European cities whilst we’re over there…something I would definitely recommend.

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